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Steve Ryall – Tough Mudder

This year Novack’s is proud to be sponsoring Steve Ryall in the Tough Mudder competition at Mount St.Louis Moonstone on August 18. This is a 17.7 km obstacle course filled with 23 obstacles (with names like “Death March, Firewalk, and Electroshok Therapy”).  Tough Mudder events were designed by British …read more

A Report From the Road: Okanagan II

Hi Everyone! One more quick update before we head home tomorrow. (Wow – that sounds depressing!) Friday night – We were visited by Maurice Williams who is an Associate Professor of History at UBC Okanagan. He stopped by to give us a wonderful presentation about Myra Cannon …read more

A Report From the Road: Okanagan Valley!

Hello friends! Our Avid Travellers and I arrived in Kelowna yesterday and I thought I should give you a quick update as to what we have been up to! After arriving, we headed straight to a tour of the Okanagan Heritage Museum and Orchard (read: Wine) Museum. …read more

Walking the Finger Lakes – Ask Our Travellers!

Last weekend our Avid Traveller program visited upstate New York for our annual May hike. Friday morning, 30 guests, 3 guides and 1 friendly bus driver headed towards the border – which we crossed over with relative ease both there and back (Yay!). The weekend found us …read more

Cultural Tourism
Cultural vs. Recreatonal Tourism

Q. Can you tell me how cultural tourism differs from recreational tourism?  I am looking at tours to specific areas and some bill themselves as cultural while other as recreational. A. Cultural tourism is probably  best as travel to destinations with the intention of gathering new information and experiences about …read more

Travel Points

I’m planning to attend my niece’s wedding taking place at a Hilton resort on a Caribbean Island. I had hoped that the couple getting married would have chosen a Marriott Brand hotel as I have ample frequent stay points for that chain of hotels, but since there are no Marriott …read more

Chilkoot Trail
The North Coast & Chilkoot Trail with Liz Golesic

Earlier this year our friend Liz Golesic stopped by Novack’s to present the story of her travels through the North Coast, the West Coast, and the Chilkoot Trail as a part of our Talks With Travellers series. Due to some unfortunate technical issues, many of her photos …read more

Rainjacket Sale
What To Look For When Buying a Rain Jacket – Ask the Staff!

In honour of our “The Rain Stops Here” sale, we decided to ask the Novack’s staff about rainwear. We asked them the very personal and potentially life-changing question: “What do you look for in a rain jacket?” As expected, most of the staff thought immediately of words …read more

How clean is my hotel room?

How clean is my hotel room and is there a way to insure a clean room?  Travel like life itself has its incredible intrinsic worth as well as hazards to be avoided and like life, travel is not to be avoided because things are not just the …read more

Haggling How-To!

Across the globe, hagglers thrive in poorer countries and have less room to maneuver in richer ones. Here are some (very) general rules around the world: Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand: The rules here are similar to the US and Canada, but large immigrant populations may operate …read more


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